Sunday, February 05, 2006

Italian Priest Killed in Turkey - No Apology from Turkish Prime Minister

Andrea Santore, an Italian Catholic priest, was shot to death today in Trabzon, Turkey. According to preliminary investigation results, the assailant was a 13-14 year old Turkish boy. The police are still reluctant to talk about the murderer's motives, even though everyone else, including the Church officials back in Italy, is pretty sure than this killing is a part of the world-wide wave of protests against the Danish cartoons. Let's see now what the Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Tayip Erdogan has to say concerning this incident:

"Turkey is beginning to unite civilisations. One crazy cartoonist comes up and attacks my Prophet. He has no right to do this".

Sabah, 05/02/2005

These are Erdogan's very first words after the attack. After that, he goes on to say that "this wrong [the cartoons] has to be righted, but not by demolishing and burning down". That's all. No apology to the Church or to Italy or to the priest's relatives. Quite the opposite - Erdogan is quick to blame (as is customary for Muslims) some mysterios enemy by saying: "Weapons are no solution. It is the wish of those whose aim is the clash of civilisations". Later, in the same speech, he makes some obscure remarks about the PKK and also says a word about the need to educate the young in some other sort of religion. However, he fails to express his sympathy to the family of the victim or to the Christian community. Erdogan does not say a single word in appreciation of the service that Andrea Santore had been rendering to the Christian community of Trabzon for the last 5 years. The Prime Minister of Turkey, democratically elected three years ago by the Turkish people, is obviously less civilised than Sultan Abdul Mejid who built that church in Trabzon more than hundred years ago.


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