Thursday, September 22, 2005

Top London Uni Advertising Finsbury Park Mosque

I discovered that the famous School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London) is advertising the Finsbury Park Mosque known all over the world for its terrorism links on the School's Student Welfare Services' page. SOAS officers have listed the notorious mosque as one of the "places of worship nearest to SOAS". In reality, the terrorism hotbed isn't anywhere near SOAS. On the contrary, I'd say that Finsbury Park, which is in N4, is quite far from the School, which is located in WC1, near the Russell Square station. Yes, the same Russell Square tube station where Muslim terrorists killed 21 people on the 7th of July.

I carried out a small research and found more than five other mosques that are much closer to SOAS geographically, but obviously aren't as close to the SOAS officers' hearts. Why so? Maybe because other mosques have not been as popular with these people:

Or maybe because the two Arabs that travelled from London to Beslan to slaughter school kids preferred the Finsbury Park mosque to all others?

All this comes as no surprise if you read more about the School's policies on the "freedom of speech" and "terrorist rights". Even these short examples found on the Internet allow to form an opinion about this institution's political agenda:

"In January 1994 two Hizb ut Tahrir members were arrested for distributing the ‘Peace with Israel – A Crime against Islam’ leaflet. The leaflet advertised a meeting to be held at University College London and was referred to the Attorney General on the grounds that it incited hatred and was illegal. The Attorney General, whose consent is required for prosecutions under the law against incitement, declined to prosecute but the university authorities cancelled the meeting. It took place however at another college of London University, the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) where the Hizb ut Tahrir speaker stated:

‘Let’s be open about this – the Quran does not mention Zionists, it mentions Jews. They are our enemy and insha’allah (with the help of Allah) we will finish them’".
Political Blog for the Politically Incorrect

"I once went to a meeting for the boycott at SOAS university in London.
It was a disgusting hate-fest, Islamists, many Islamic immigrants & far Leftist
[u]seful idiots. The whole meeting was a Jew-hate-in.
I have never experienced so much hate, and so openly. At least the BNP pretend to be normal.
Not one word about the various regimes surrounding Israel..."

Comment at Harry's Place

"...Chana Garrard, 29, who studies Arabic. "The SOAS student body are living on another planet, and not really paying attention to what's going on out there," she said. "They just think on an ideological level."
Middle East studies in the News

Call me biased or racisist or both but I strongly believe that we'll have to think twice each time we decide to board a train or a bus in London until the British authorities finally stop flirting with Islamist scum, and the "islamic immigrants" and their Leftist "useful idiots" are shown their place everywhere, including educational institutions.


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