Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Last Poll: Poor Maniac Murderer Sheikh Yassin

The last poll from mucadele.com.

Question: What was in your opinion the most important event of the year? [obviously last year]

17 EU Summit - 5.71% (45)
USA Presidential Elections - 4.82% (38)
Train Crash in Sakarya - 1.40% (11)
Arafat's Death - 13.07% (103)
Beslan School Siege - 7.49% (59)
Start of Syrian-Israeli peace negotiations - 3.30% (26)
Clarification of our country's EU membership - 5.58% (44)
Elections: DSP and MHP surprise - 1.65% (13)
NATO operation in Serbia - 2.28% (18)

This poll draw my attention because the website's main theme is the protection of Muslim children from the cruel Jews and Americans. The site is generously decorated with photos of suffering kids and the slogan on top of the front page says: "Children must not die". At the same time, the child-loving Turkish Islamists don't seem to have paid a lot of attention to the Beslan tragedy, let alone the Arab-Israeli peace talks. Even their own country's destiny interests them much less than the death of Sheikh Yassin, a world-renowned terrorist whose organization - HAMAS - is responsible for the horrific attack on the Dolphin disco in Tel-Aviv. A suicide bomber killed 21 and injured more than 120 teenagers when he blew himself up outside a disco near Tel-Aviv's Dolphinarium. The terrorist tried to enter the disco, but was not let in. Then he approached a group of teenage girls (mostly 15-16 year olds) waiting in line and detonated the explosive belt strapped to his body. The charge was filled with metal objects in order to cause more injuries to the kids. The attack was carried out on the 1st of June - the International Children's Day. The photographs published on the Dolphin Tragedy website reminded me of Beslan. The only difference is that the kids' coffins are wrapped in Israeli flags.

PS. Intelligence.org.il translated the following excerpts from the Al-Fateh magazine for kids (mentioned earlier in my blog) concerning the suicide bomber Said Hassan Al-Houtari who carried out the Dolphin attack.

A shaheed ’s will

The will of shaheed Sa’id Hasan al-Houtari

The shaheed Sa’id al-Houtari, perpetrator of the act of martyrdom [i.e., suicide] in Tel Aviv, which caused the deaths of more than 21 Zionists and the wounding of 150, leaves after him this will which we are posting here as it was written:
In the name of Allah the all merciful

“Fight them, Allah will chastise them at your hands and He will lay them low and give you victory over them, and He will console the breasts of folk who are believers” [Qur’an, Surah 9 (Al-Tauba) verse 14 .

Praise be to God, Sovereign of the world. [There is to be] no [act of] aggression, [only] against the conquerors, the invaders and the plunderers [i.e., the Israelis]. May the prayer of Allah and his blessing of peace be upon the commander of the army of warriors fighting the holy war, on the members of his family and on his lucky, noble friends,6 my beloved brothers in faith, all the sons of my Palestinian people fighting a holy war, and free Muslims everywhere...

I hereby defiantly say to the world that bears a grudge against our people, that supports the Zionists with money and weapons, what was written before me in the blood of shaheed ‘Abdallah ‘Azam: “If preparation [for a jihad ] is terrorism, then we are terrorists. If defending our honor is extremism, then we are extremists. If a jihad against our enemies is fundamentalism, then we are fundamentalists.”

[On this occasion] It is my desire not to forget my family – my mother, my father and my brothers: I hereby command you, [I repeat,] I command you, to fear Allah, may he be extolled and praised, and to be patient and not mourn for me. For I came from Jordan to Palestine only to meet the Sovereign in the best way possible [i.e., to perpetrate a suicide bombing attack], for is there any [act] more sublime than dying as a martyr [to perpetrate a suicide bombing attack] on the soil of Palestine for the sake of Allah, may he be extolled. Therefore, utter only cries of joy, oh my mother; distribute sweetmeats, my father and brothers. For your son [and brother] is [eagerly] awaiting his marriage ceremony and the beautiful-eyed virgins in the upper heavens – “In the seat of honesty, in the presence of a Mighty King”[Qur’an, Surah 54 (Al-Qamar), verse 55, in the context of a description of paradise].



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