Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Jordanian "Anti-Normalization Committee" Against Silvan Shalom's Mom

These are excerpts from an article published today by As you probably know, the Tunisian president has invited Mr. Silvan Shalom and his mother to visit the country. This visit is going to be a part of the efforts to establish normal diplomatic relations with Arab countries that Israel has been undertaking recently. Here's the reaction of the Committee:

The National Anti-Normalization Committee has issued a press-release condemning invitation of the Zionist Foreign Minister Sivan Shalom's mother to visit Tunisia by the Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.
The Committee said today during the press-conference: "It seems that the Arabs are hurrying towards the Zionist entity without feeling any patriotic or historical responsibility. The Arab regimes are competing with each other in pleasing America which is drowning in the slough of Iraq and Afghanistan. However, they have not protected themselves and their nations from God's wrath and punishment. These regimes are racing to please and to obey the Zionists".

The "Committee" representatives went on to say that "they are not surprised by this invitation, as it was preceded by the invitation to the enemy Prime Minister to visit Tunisia".

The "Committee" forgot to mention that Mr. Shalom's mother was born in Tunisia and she's actually going to visit her homeland. This small quotation from a Palestinian news website clearly shows which side is in reality sabotaging the peace process. Just think: what can be more abnormal than an "Anti-Normalization" Committee?? Unfortunately, such material is never published by Western press and the European public is left with an impression that the evil Jews are dragging the poor, gentle, and peaceloving Palestinians into an endless bloody war.

PS. I am not sure if it would be correct to assume that the Committee's opinions truely represent the point of view of the Palestinians, as this organization is Jordan-based. However, it's declarations are certainly endorsed by website that was created "to tell the truth to the world about Palestine's culture, history and the facts and about the Palestinian israeli issue".


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