Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Abbas: "Palestinian State with Jerusalem as it's capital" - video

It seems that Israel has sent Palestinians a totally wrong message. Firsty, they believe now that it's possible to defeat Israel using suicide bombers as a main weapon. Secondly, they think they're going to get Jerusalem.

I captured these videos from the Palestinian Satellite Channel and added translation subtitles to them.

One of the clips(1) depicts a Palestinian woman surrounded by armed men screaming into the camera about the terrorists' success.

Another one(2) shows Mahmoud Abbas telling his people they are on their way to Jerusalem. Remember the old slogan "hatta l-Quds" (until Jerusalem)? Things have not changed much since Arafat's death.

Download clip 1

Download clip 2

Both files are on RapidShare.de. Sorry for this, I simply don't have any other hosting.


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