Sunday, August 28, 2005

More "Disengagement" Posters

"Blessed is what you have done" "Coming to you"

HAMAS official website: "Zionist Defeat"

I found this cute picture on the official HAMAS website (Arabic section).
The Arabic text on the top says: "Zionist Defeat". The left arrow is pointing to "Gaza" and the right one to "Hell". Today's attack in Be'er Sheva shows that the HAMAS cartoonists are absolutely right - Israel is only going to have more trouble after the disengagement.

Friday, August 26, 2005

"Al-Fateh" Hamas Magazine for Kids

Al-Fateh Magazine

This website is an outstanding example of Islamist cynicism and hypocrisy. It’s a Palestinian biweekly online magazine for kids. According to Aaron’s database, the website belongs to Hamas. The content consists of patriotic material teaching the kids about Arab history and about prominent Palestinian Arabs, short stories telling them how to be good and nice towards others, online games and letters from the magazine readers. It could be a really good and healthy educational and entertainment resource, but then it wouldn’t be Hamas, right? So, beside courteous behaviour, Arab kids are taught about Jihad and Shahaada (martyrdom). Every edition of “Al-Fateh” contains a special page featuring some Palestinian shaheed (martyr). For example, previous edition was dedicated to Raed Abdel Hamid Mesk, the suicide bomber that killed 20 people (among them 7 children) in Jerusalem on the 19th of August 2003. It seems that the material was published in Al-Fateh to mark the second anniversary of the incident. The kids are not told what Mesk actually did. Instead, they are provided with “beneficial reading” – Mesk’s letters addressed to other terrorists and to his own family. By the way, he was a teacher of Islam, married with two small kids. His wife was pregnant with their third child. Read more about Mesk in Diana West’s article.
I translated some excerpts from the terrorist’s final messages. Here is one of them:

To Mujahedeen in All Places

To mujahedeen in Palestine, in Chechnya...and in Afghanistan...and in Iraq, in Kashmir, in India and everywhere...the time of trial has come...and don't be week, don't be feeble...and the nation will be divided into two camps - the camp of faith with no hypocrisy [in it] and the camp of hypocrisy with no faith [it it]. We beseech Allah to gather the mujahedeen together and to unite their ranks. I had a wish to become the commander of the troops that will conquer Rome with all the mujahedeen out of love for no other ruling than what was demanded by the Wise One (the one who knows the difference between good and evil). The Messenger of Allah was heard say: "I will give the standard to a man who loves Allah and His Messenger and whom Allah and His Messenger love". This wish grew inside me as I felt that the triumph of Islam was coming and it was close - "and [they will] ask, "When will that be?" Say, "May be it will be quite soon!" I ask Allah to protect you and to forgive your mistakes and to guard you, and to protect you from the eyes of those lying in ambush and may peace be upon you, and the mercy of Allah and His blessing.

Your poor brother in Allah Taala

The Alive Shaheed inshaAllah Raed Abdel Hamid Mesk "Abu Ma'mun"

Monday 19 Jumada Al-Ukhra 1424

He was planning to conquer Rome…It seems these guys are living in some other reality. In the year 1424 indeed…By the way, I can’t stop thinking about how this small passage would change the attitude of Europeans towards “the Palestinian cause”, if it could be published in some Italian or French newspaper. Another issue is Mesk’s use of the quotation from the Qur’an. You can read it in it’s original form (yaqooloona ‘they say’ instead of yas’aloona ‘they ask’ and in the actual context here: Surah 17:51

But there’s more:

This message was written a few moments before the Shahaada (suicide attack)

[This is] a message to my beloved Arij and to my precious children [for the time when] Ma'mun will have become children... you have become men [adults?]...I would love to be alive and to be always with you despite my sacrifice...My wish was to conquer Rome and to be the poor slave that will lead the troops and that you would be soldiers in that blessed army ...and this desire grew inside me as I felt that the triumph of Allah was coming but was not unconditional and that the glory of a community ('umma) depends on Allah's permission...I went to Allah for I wanted you to become glorious soldiers and great men of knowledge...I am writing this letter and I am waiting for the hour, the time has come and I can't finish it.
May peace be upon you and the mercy of Allah and His blessing.
My beloved Ma'mun, I advise you to read the writings of Dr. Abdullah Azzam and the writings of Mahmoud Sheit Khattab on Jihad and struggle in Shariah politics.
Peace be upon you
[I] hope for many prayers...

The same sick story about Rome and a very clear message to Arab children. I guess no further comments are needed. Abdullah Azzam is a Palestinian known as the founder of Al-Qaeda.

This composition was published as a letter from the magazine’s reader:

Mother of Shaheed

In the name of God, the merciful...

Happiness and sadness...tears and smile...crying and laughter, this is what feels a mother whose son has been martyred...yes, her own blood...a bird, white and innocent, is gone...gone till the Judgement Day resurrection together with prophets and the faithful ones...blessed are you and blessed is the slave of Allah Taala.
What a sacrifice have the Palestinian martyrs offered, great honour is yours...
To the Palestinian nation I'll say these words: "I am ashamed of the silence of the Arab and Muslim 'umma [community]. I will [keep] saying [it] every time, oh my mother...every time, oh my sister".

Nasiba Omar Al-Khabshi - Yemen

Shaheed means “martyr”, Arabs use this word for any victim of the conflict, but most often for suicide bombers and other sorts of terrorists killed in combat.

Here are the photos of child readers sent in (obviously) by their parents. I prefer not to think about what they are going to make of their kids.

PS. I discovered that the Al-Fateh website (as many other extremist sites) is blocked by the United Arab Emirates. You can read more about Internet filtering in the UAE here.
Status: active
ISP (depricated):
Registrar: Inc. New York, NY, USA
Datacenter: Corbina Telecom, Moscow RU
Webhost: Ariadnamedia, Moscow, RU
DNS: Ariadnamedia, Moscow, RU
DNS Service Provider:
Summary of Domain Whois:
Palestinian Information Center
Nizar Hassan Suleiman Hussein AKA Nizar Al-Hussien
Beirut, LB
+961 974 5829460

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